About Rowdy

Rowdy Decker is a growing force in country music in Texas.

Raised in the small town of Brock, Texas, Rowdy clings to the values learned growing up in a hard working rural community.

Rowdy’s musical journey began at a young age.  He played the fiddle in the family bluegrass band and travelled to numerous festivals developing his talents.

In his teens, Rowdy began showing an interest in the guitar and songwriting.  He still works hard at improving his craft.  Rowdy says “Nothing worth having comes easy”.  So he remains diligent in his pursuit of his dreams of success.

In 2017 Rowdy met Steve Stewart, a prominent figure in country music in Texas.  They began working together and Stewart produced Rowdy’s first album “Stephenville” in Stewart’s recording studio in Weatherford, TX.  The EP was released to much excitement in the north Texas region and is receiving lots of “spins” around Texas and through online outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and YouTube.  The album contains four original songs Rowdy wrote or co-wrote and a cover of the Koe Wetzel single “Love”.

Rowdy put his band together in 2018 and has been performing live to audiences ranging from 50 to 250 people.  He’s been asked to perform at many private events as well as fundraisers and a few club dates so far.

Keep an eye on Rowdy’s career.  Expect great things!