About Rowdy

Rowdy Decker is a growing force in country music in Texas.

Raised in the small town of Brock, Texas, Rowdy clings to the values learned growing up in a hard working rural community.

Rowdy’s musical journey began at a young age.  He played the fiddle in the family bluegrass band and travelled to numerous festivals developing his talents.

In his teens, Rowdy began showing an interest in the guitar and songwriting.  He still works hard at improving his craft.  Rowdy says “Nothing worth having comes easy”.  So he remains diligent in his pursuit of his dreams of success.

In 2017 Rowdy began his career by recording his first album comprised of song that he had written, and he chose to cover “Love” by Koe Wetzel. While his first album has shown alot of success due to the support of his family, and hometown, there was still something that was missing. 

Rowdy put his band together in 2018 and has been performing live to audiences ranging from 50 to 250 people.  He’s been asked to perform at many private events as well as fundraisers , bars and rodeos.

2019 saw tremendous growth for Rowdy!  A new single “My Grandaddy” penned by Rowdy was released in January to much acclaim.   The Rowdy Decker Band was asked to play the Street Dance to kick off the 2019 and 2020 Parker County Sheriff’s Posse PRCA Rodeo in Weatherford, TX on June 6, 2019 and July 4, 2020.  The band performed to close to 2,000 people each dance!  The Band also headlined the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Ranch Rodeo in 2020 and 2021.  Rowdy entered and was first runner up in the Stephenville Habitat for Humanity’s version of “The Voice”, performed at the Weatherford College Alumni Rodeo and played lots of new venues!

2019 also featured another single release of  the Rowdy Decker “What’s Left For Me”.   An original song with insights of growing up in a small town only to watch it grow as well into a more populated area.

In August of 2021 the release of the Rowdy Decker, composed song “Nobody Told Me” was much anticipated.  In 2020, a “test run” was conducted on Fort Worth’s “95.9FM The Ranch”.  The song was entered into Ben Ryan’s local music showdown and won each night’s round to reach the “Local Music Showdown Hall of fame”!  The song features playing by some of Texas’ most renowned musicians including: Todd Stewart and Les Lawless from the Randy Rogers Band, Lloyd Maines (Jerry Jeff Walker, the Dixie Chicks), Drew Womack (Sons of the Desert, solo career) and Steve Stewart (Janie Fricke, Dan Seals and solo career).  Visit all digital outlets and grab your’s!

In 2021 Rowdy began to work with Trent Willmon.  Trent produces many talented artists including hit maker – Cody Johnson. In 2022 Rowdy and Trent collaborated on new original songs and Willmon produced some great recordings on Rowdy in Nashville.  The first release was ‘Blue Collar” in June of 2023.  Written by Trent Willmon, the song fit Rowdy like a glove and the single and video release were well accepted by digital and terrestrial radio alike.  The second single from the Nashville project is  James House’s
“Little By Little” a great cover of the ’90’s song about letting go of an old love.  On October 25th it will be released to radio and all digital platforms!

Keep an eye on Rowdy’s career.  The Rowdy Crowd is growing fast!